Heads up Dragon Ball fans, because Bandai has a special treat for all of you! Their Premium Bandai website is offering bot one, but two huge Dragon Ball treats, including Goku’s Flying Nimbus pillow.

This soft and fluffy pillow has the length of 100cm, so you can stand on top of it like Goku. And like most pillows, you can also rest your head on top of it too!

Covered in Soft Boa fabric, Premium Bandai is now selling this pillow forΒ 8,000 yen. They are now accepting pre-orders until 7th November, and will then release it in March 2018.

And speaking of Goku, you can also do his Kamehameha… without destroying stuff of course. This is because Premium Bandai is also offering up the Kamehameha Ball, which fans can use to imagine that they’re Goku.

The ball itself lights up, which surely increases the effect. This may be useful in those cosplay shoots, along with the Flying Nimbus Above. Premium Bandai is now also accepting pre-orders for this one, and it costsΒ 4,104 yen. Like the Flying Nimbus Pillow, they will be releasing it this March 2018.

Source: Animate Times