With construction workers working for weeks, day and night, they have now finished construction for the life-size Unicorn Gundam statue. Seiyuu Kouki Uchiyama then went on stage to introduce everyone to the Gundam which his character pilots, the Unicorn. He then introduced the statue’s transformation sequence, which goes from the Unicorn mode to Destroy Mode.

Sunrise President Yasuo Miyakawa also went on stage and talked about the Gundam UV project. He then revealed that there will be a new Gundam UC project in spring. However, he didn’t go into detail, so we may get more information in the future.

Jrock band Sugizo, then performed in front of the crown in attendance celebrating the new life-size Gundam’s unveiling. The band previously performed the ED theme for the hit anime, Drifters.

Hiroyuki Sawano and Tielle were also present, along with Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation Managing Director Toshinobu Maeda, Bandai Managing Director Yoshitaka Tao, and Sotsu Agency President Takashi Izuhara.

If ever in Odaiba and you want to see the Gundam, just visit the Diver City Tokyo mall. And if you want more Gundam, you can also visit Gundam Base Tokyo in the mall’s 7th floor. It boasts a huge collection of GunPla, as well as other Gundam merchandise.

Source: Gundam.info