When mangaka end a successful series, they would often shift gears in their new work, making something different. For example, legendary mangaka, Go Nagai, didn’t just create Mazinger Z, but also blaze the trail for the ecchi genre in Harenchi Gakuen. And then there’s Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, who followed up Death Note with… Bakuman. However, some mangaka stick to their strengths, and one of them is Initial D’s Shuuichi Shigeno. Apparently, he’s back with a new manga series, and much like Initial D, it’s also about car racing.

Titled MF Ghost, Shigeno is launching the series in Young Magazine, starting with its next issue. It follows genius driver Kanata Livingston, who returns from England after graduating from a racing school in the UK. He also comes to Japan seeking to fulfill a promise he made years ago. However, the manga’s setting is in the near future where people are already phasing out petroleum and petrol-based machines. As expected, this makes things more complicated for the petrol-based racing industry.

Initial D ended its run in Young Magazine back in 2013. It inspired plenty of video games, plastic models, films, and of course, anime. Whether MF Ghost will live up to its predecessor is still up for debate though. I guess we’ll see how Shigeno will do in this latest racing manga.

Source: Comic Natalie