The Yamato has now returned to space for a brand new mission, and as usual, there’s always trouble brewing. Now, after the first two Space Battleship Yamato 2202 films have blazed their trails, the third one premieres later this week. And to further keep the excitement, the staff have now streamed the film’s first three minutes:

The third film will screen across 25 theaters in Japan, five more than the previous film. It premieres across these 25 theaters on 14th October. Free online streaming for the film also begins on the same date, along with the special Blu-ray release. The theaters screening the film will be the ones selling these special Blu-ray discs.

The new 2202 series takes place three years after the events of the 2199 series, with Earth now reconstructing. However, the planet is now going down the path of military expansion. What’s more is that the threat of the Empire of Gatlantis is also looming ahead. But with everything happening, the goddess Teresa, calls the crew of the Yamato to a new mission.