Since 1979, the lovable talking robot known as Haro has served as the Gundam franchise’s cute little mascot. Now, it seems that Bandai Namco, together with IBM Japan and VAIO (formerly Sony VAIO), are seeking to make one. In the anime, Amuro Ray made it himself and it then talked, rolled, and bounced around all over. This real world version will be a prototype communications robot, much like the one Amuro made.

Much like the anime’s Haro, it can sway back and forth, as well as show various expressions. However, this one has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems to communicate with computers and smartphones. It can also talk to its owner about Gundams, and it can even hold its own on a variety of Gundam-related topics.

IBM Japan developed Haro’s AI while VAIO produced its body. Finally, Bandai Namco, the company behind the Bandai franchise, oversaw the prototype’s production.

They are currently displaying a prototype at the CEATEC 2017 trade show event in Chiba, Japan. It measures in at 19cm in diameter and will be getting a general release to the public in 2018. However, they still haven’t revealed any other release details such as pricing and where to order.

Source: Anime! Anime!