Evangelion is popular among a wide range of fans, from older ones to the younger generations. It seems that the series has also reeled in some fishermen as fans as evidenced by their latest product. As the Evangelion Store has revealed, they have a new line of official Evangelion lures which fisherman can use for fishing.

The lures have three designs in total, and they are respectively inspired by Eva Unit-01, 00, and 02. Each lure costs 1,404 yen, but the Evangelion Store is also offering all three as a set for 3,888 yen.

Their official website is now accepting pre-orders, with them releasing it for November. For the collaboration, the store is actually teaming up with the popular fishing gear brand, DRESS.  Now, get inside the damn boat Shinji, because we’re going fishing! Who knows, these official Evangelion Fishing Lures might snag us a huge Angelfish, right?