For years, fans have been wondering if Black Butler’s Ciel and Sebastian have feelings for each other. Of course, fans have debated whether or not this is true. These debates have also raged on in other series which tease same-sex relationships. Some fans hate the idea, however, Black Butler mangaka, Yana Toboso had one thing to say, and said it on twitter:

In her tweet, she asked what’s the problem if stories have homosexual romance? The mangaka said in her tweet that “What’s interesting is interesting”, and also said that it’s weird that people think same-sex relationships are “for fujoshi only”. She then added that some of the “deniers” may mean that romance is not really the point of the story. However, she also said that “there are so many wonderful stories about same-sex romance”.

While Taboso didn’t specifically say that her tweet about Black Butler, she did admit she does like Boys’ Love. In fact, she also tweeted to admit that she does have a few Boys’ Love works in the past. She then goes on to say that “works with a main theme of romance are incredibly energetic things”. However, she did state that drawing drawing zombie battles or tanks is a lot easier than writing about romance.

While she doesn’t state it directly, several fans have taken this as a confirmation of Ciel and Sebastian’s relationship. However, it would still be safe to assume that it’s still not canon unless she outright says it as directly and as clearly as possible.

Source: Nijimen