Kumamoto Prefecture ain’t just known for producing fruits and Kumamon, but also renowned mangaka, Eiichiro Oda. Currently, the area is still recovering from last year’s huge Kumamoto Earthquake. To help spread awareness for the plight of the people from Oda’s home prefecture, Straw Hat crew member Nami is helping sell oranges!

The earthquake greatly affected the prefecture’s orange farmers, and this certainly caught Oda’s attention. This certainly resulted in this brand new One Piece oranges! Called the One Piece “One Piece Mikan~Nami ga Aishita Mikan~”, they are showing off Kumamoto’s recovery with these Kumamoto-produced citrus fruits.

But why Nami? It’s simple because she grows orange trees in her hometown. These oranges come in two different boxes, one containing 20-24 fruits, while the other contains 40-48.

Several online shopping sites in Japan are now accepting orders for these orange boxes. The smaller box costs 3,000 yen, while the bigger box costs 6,000 yen. They will then ship out in November 2017.

source: Animate Times