During the previous seasons of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, indoor theme park, J-World Tokyo, served dishes from the anime. Now, as its third season airs, Weekly Shonen Jump’s own theme park has announced they will be doing it again! The anime currently features a Chinese battle for the Totsuki school festival, so J-World is going Chinese as well!

The theme park’s food court will be serving Soma and Kuga’s respective festival dishes for a limited time. They will also feature a dish Singapore is quite familiar with, and that is Chicken Rice!

Soma’s Home Pepper Mochi (780 yen)

Terunori Kuga’s Mapo Doufu with Rice (980 yen)

Etsuya Eizan’s Hainanese Chicken Rice (980 yen)

The Shonen Jump theme park will be serving these three dishes starting 21st October. However, as these dishes are limited-time only, they will be taking them off the menu after 15th November.

Now, the only question I have is will Eizan’s Chicken Rice be as good as the Chicken Rice I eat in Singapore?

Source: Animate Times