Fairy Tail has now ended, and we now know who ended up with who… even though it’s a bit obvious. And during the New York Comic-Con, several fans asked Fairy Tail mangaka, Hiro Mashima, what some of the kids which resulted in these unions might look like. According to twitter user, @miggyxmarie, “Mashima asked if they wanted boy or girl and crowd voted girl “. This is for Natsu and Lucy’s daughter, and here she is:

 During the panel, Mishima said that she has the power called “Taurus Fire”. However, he didn’t elaborate, and this made fans speculate if she has a combination of her parents’ powers. Fans have nicknamed her “Nashi”.
However, we mustn’t forget that Gray and Juvia hooked up too. They apparently also had a kid, and it’s a boy! During the event, Mashima also drew a sketch of him.
According to @miggyxmarieMashima drew Gruvia’s child for her. As for Mashima himself, he made another sketch of the kids, this time together and with color.

source: @hiro_mashima