Netflix has already been injecting the anime industry with a lot of money with projects like Kuromokuro, Fate/Apocrypha, Kakegurui, and more. They also have other anime planned for next year, including Violet Evergarden and Gen Urobuchi’s Godzilla anime. But it seems like the global streaming service is wanting more. In fact, they want to make 50% of their library original content. And yes, this original content includes even more Japanese animation titles.

According to The Verge, Netflix is already planning 30 new anime for 2018 alone! They are investing US$8 billion on new series and original movies, and huge chunks of that is going to anime. They’ve already given us Netflix originals like Knights of Sidonia and Ajin: Demi-Human in the past, and Netflix injecting much-needed money to the anime industry means that it’s previous investments are doing well.

Netflix partnering with major animation studios like Kyoto Animation, A-1 Pictures, Polygon Pictures, etc is also a good sign. With the Japanese animation industry becoming notorious for its ridiculously low wages for animators, Netflix injecting a chunk of that US$8 Billion might be a good thing. Also, more funds mean better animation quality, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. Let’s just hope they decide to release the anime at the same season as they do in Japan…

Source: The Verge