Azusa Nakano, AKA Azu-nyan, celebrated her birthday last 11th November. And in celebration of her birthday, official TBS/MBS online anime store, Animaru, has revealed that they are releasing a life-size statue of the cute little Houkago Tea Time guitarist. And what’s more is that they are also going to sell the statue. However, just like most life-size anime statues, Azu-nyan won’t come cheap!

That’s right folks, Animaru is selling the statue for 2.2 million yen! Well, she would certainly break the bank for most people, huh? And what makes this statue even more special is that it will also have an “Azu-nyan play button”. This allows the owner to play some recordings done by Azusa’s own seiyuu, Ayana Taketatsu. But wait, there’s more! The owners will also get a an autographed board from Ayana Taketatsu herself!

The online store will be offering limited slots to buy the statue, and they will hold a lottery to determine the people who will get to buy these statues. They will begin accepting entries online on 17th November. But remember, if you enter the contest, prepare 2.2 million yen in advance! But if you can’t afford that Azu-nyan statue, the online store is also offering a ton of other Azusa birthday goodies as well.