Warner Brothers recently held an advance screening of the latest live-action film adaptation of Stephen King’s IT novel. Several big Japanese personalities attended the advance screening before it premiered last Saturday, 4th November. One of these celebrities is Chica Umino, the mangaka behind March Comes in Like a Lion, as well as Honey and Clover. It’s safe to say that the film left quite an impression on the critically-acclaimed mangaka.

Umino admitted that the film really scared her and was even clutching her legs inside the theater the entire time. In fact, she drew more fanarts of the film. I guess she liked being scared…

Artist Yuko Higuchi, who saw the film together with Umino and Japanese media personality, Mafia Kajita, drew a description of what happened inside the theater. It really does seem that the monster clown scared the living day lights out of Umino.

Source: Chica Umino twitter page