Nintendo previously released Detective Pikachu for Nintendo 3DS back in February 2016. However, they didn’t release it to the rest of the world, as they only distributed the game in Japan. But with the new Detective Pikachu live-action Hollywood film coming up, it seems that it finally gets an international release. They also released a new PV for this international release. However, Ryan Reynolds isn’t voicing Pikachu in the English version of the game, so sorry guys.

As the new video reveals, Nintendo will release the game for their 3DS platform on 23rd March 2018. This comes more than two years after the game’s original Japanese release. The international release will also contain additional content, which will complete the original’s story.

In addition, Nintendo will also release a large Detective Pikachu Amiibo. This figure would certainly be bigger that the usual Amiibo figures, and will also have other features. For example, the larger Amiibo lets players re-watch the “Pika Prompts” video clips from chapters they have completed.

As for the live-action Hollywood adaptation, it of course stars Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pickachu. The film will premiere on 10th May 2019, with Universal Studios distributing it.