Hajime Kanzaka’s Slayers novels are certainly classics when it comes to the 90’s. The series ended back in May 2000, and now, 18 years later, we are getting a sequel to the original novels. And yes, this means that we might get to see Lina Inverse in a new story after almost two decades! Right in the childhood, right?

During a Niconico livestream, Fantasia Bunko revealed that a “New Slayers Book” will be moving forward this year. They also revealed that Slayers author, Hajime Kanzaka will be returning to write the new novel. And that’s not all, because original novel illustrator, Rui Araizumi, is returning as well. The livestream also revealed that Dragon Age magazine has released a pre-publication of this new novel as well.

The franchise has inspired various media, from five TV anime to two OVAs. As of now, it’s still not clear whether we will be getting the sequel novel in English, but the news is certainly creating a ton of buzz back in Japan. Who knows? Maybe we MIGHT even get to see a new Slayers anime because of this.

Source: My Games News Flash