Despite the confusion, it looks like Netflix kept their promise and stream Violet Evergarden on the same season. The new Kyoto Animation anime, which made its Asian premiere during last year’s C3 AFA Singapore, is now available to watch via Netflix. However, they didn’t release it for all countries, but it’s now available in Singapore, Philippines, and Taiwan.

©Kana Akatsuki, Kyoto Animation/Violet Evergarden Production Committee

The language options differ for various countries, but all of them have a Japanese audio with English subtitles option. In the Philippines for example, Netflix released the anime with English, Japanese, and Spanish Audio, with English, Japanese, Spanish, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese subtitles.

However, the Netflix version does differ a bit from the Asian premiere we saw at C3 AFA Singapore. The one we saw during the event ran for 30 minutes long. It also featured credits, with the anime’s OP song by TRUE. Looks like the broadcast/streaming version is a bit different than the event version, huh? But regardless, people in Singapore, Philippines, and Taiwan can now enjoy the anime on Netflix, so just sit back and relax. In other words, just Netflix and Chill while watching Violet Evergarden.