After getting an extension which lasted two years, it looks like the Evangelion Shinkansen, or the 500 TYPE EVA is finally ending its historic run. This is because it will be making its final stop on 13th May 2018. However, the train is making sure fans won’t forget it as it will appear in the train mecha anime, Shinkalion.

Apparently, the 500 TYPE EVA is appearing in the anime after a viewer told the staff that the series reminds him of Evangelion. He said that Shinkalion’s premise is kinda like the 90’s classic, especially with the themes of strained relationships with fathers. The anime, which is based on Takara Tomy’s train-based mecha toy line, immediately worked on a collaboration.

As for the train itself, fans are scrambling to get tickets before it finally goes away. The 500 TYPE EVA didn’t just transport passengers from the Shin-Osaka Station to Hakata Sougousharyousho station, but also provided plenty of other features. This includes a replica of the plug cockpit, as well as an exhibition within the train itself. Several restaurants in train stations also served meals which the train inspired as well. The train itself even served a Masato-inspired wine!

Source: MoCa News