The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Ten Commandments is undoubtedly one of winter 2018’s hottest anime. But now, it looks like Melodias and Hawk aren’t gonna be in the mood for anything thanks to Gudetama. Sanrio’s lethargic egg mascot is teaming up with the series for several new merchandise.

In the new visual, Melodias says that “fighting is a bother”. Looks like the “Dragon’s Sin of Wrath” has turned into Sloth. Well, if he doesn’t want to fight, then let him be, right? Oh wait, the Ten Commandments are rampaging and are destroying everything in their path…

The new Sanrio tie-in merchandise will feature the visual in various stationary items, as well apparel. And it seems that they will be revealing more details about these goodies soon.

Source: Comic Natalie