Morning Two magazine has teased that there will be a huge announcement regarding Hikaru Nakamura’s hit manga, Saint Young Men. Now, it seems like the big announcement is that the series is getting a live-action drama adaptation. Actor Takayuki Yamada is producing the series, with renowned comedy director, Yuichi Fukuda (live-action Gintama) directing.

But the big question is, who are playing Jesus and Buddha? Don’t worry, because the staff also revealed who will be playing them. Kenichi Matsuyama, who previously played L in the live-action Death Note films, will be playing Jesus in the live-action drama. Meanwhile, Shouta Sometani, who previously played Shinichi Izumi in the live-action Parasyte films, will be playing Buddha.

The staff also unveiled that a video streaming service will be showing the anime sometime later this year. However, they didn’t reveal if this would be Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, or a different service.

This comedy manga reimagines what would happen if Jesus and Buddha lived together in a low-rent Tokyo apartment. It also won several awards, as well as much critical acclaim. Saint Young men also inspired a TV anime adaptation of the same name back in 2013.

source: Comic Natalie