Morning Two magazine has teased that there will be a huge announcement regarding Hikaru Nakamura’s hit manga, Saint Young Men. Now, it seems like the big announcement is that the series is getting a live-action drama adaptation. Actor Takayuki Yamada is producing the series, with renowned comedy director, Yuichi Fukuda (live-action Gintama) directing.

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But the big question is, who are playing Jesus and Buddha? Don’t worry, because the staff also revealed who will be playing them. Kenichi Matsuyama, who previously played L in the live-action Death Note films, will be playing Jesus in the live-action drama. Meanwhile, Shouta Sometani, who previously played Shinichi Izumi in the live-action Parasyte films, will be playing Buddha.

The staff also unveiled that a video streaming service will be showing the anime sometime later this year. However, they didn’t reveal if this would be Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, or a different service.

This comedy manga reimagines what would happen if Jesus and Buddha lived together in a low-rent Tokyo apartment. It also won several awards, as well as much critical acclaim. Saint Young men also inspired a TV anime adaptation of the same name back in 2013.

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source: Comic Natalie