After being the focus Pokemon for Pokemon 2000, Lugia once again returns for Pokemon’s 21st ever anime film. The Pokemon Company unveiled a brand new teaser trailer for the film, as well as a new visual. The trailer also has plenty of ties with Pokemon 2000, as it features the familiar flute music to summon Lugia. And speaking of Lugia, the legendary Psychic/Flying Pokemon also headlines the new visual.

Lugia has not only appeared in Pokemon 2000, but the Pokemon TV anime as well. It also made an appearance in the Pokemon film, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, aiding Ash in the climactic battle. And yes, it also appeared in Pokemon GO and serves as the mascot Pokemon for Pokemon Silver and Soul Silver.

WiT Studio is teaming up again with Oriental Light and Magic to animate this latest Pokemovie. They previously teamed up for the 20th film, “Pokemon, I Choose You” and are also teaming up for this one. Director Tetsuo Yajima is also returning, along with character designer, Shizue Kaneko. It will premiere in Japan this 13th July.