Dragon Ball Super may be ending its current TV anime run, but don’t worry because it’s hitting the big screen. Now, Toei Animation has released a brand new teaser trailer on their English twitter page. And if they released it in their English twitter page, it means that they may be planning an international release.


During a stage live stream presentation, it seems that the film’s producer, Norihiro Hayashida, teased the international release. He said that they’re aiming for 14th December to act as its international debut. This would be the same date as its theatrical debut in Japan. He also teased that Goku will be having a redesign. He said that that the staff spent over a year on the new design for Goku, and this would be the first time the anime will be doing that in over two decades. Meanwhile, Shueisha’s Dragon Ball unit director Akio Iyoku, teased that the main villain “might be a Saiyan”.

And speaking of Dragon Ball, ever wondered why Super Saiyans turn blond? Well, according to Hiroyuki Nakano, the current editor of Weekly Shonen Jump, it’s because it would be more troublesome if they didn’t change Goku’s hair. During an interview on Fuji TV, he said:

“It’s a lot of work to color Goku’s hair black. But Toriyama can depict blond hair just by leaving Goku’s hair uncolored, since the manga is published in black and white.”

Well, that does explain a lot. There’s really no special meaning why Goku’s hair turns blond once he goes Super Saiyan other than the fact that it’s easier to work that way. That and they’re saving a ton of ink in doing so, right?

Source: Toei English and Sora News 24