After a long 23-year run, Houbunsha’s Manga Time Jumbo magazine has finally ended its 23-year run. The magazine released its final issue earlier this week, and revealed where the ongoing manga titles are going. However, as some manga titles get a new home in other Houbunsha magazines, a few others ended their run as well.

The manga’s staff revealed that a few titles, including the popular Re-Kan manga by Hinako Seta, are moving to the main Manga Time magazine. Other titles moving there also include Uina Kinomoto’s Onegai Asakura-san  and Enokids’ Sentou no Megami-sama. Boku’s Monster Datte Umai Meshi ga Tabetai is also moving to Manga Time magazine.

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As for the other manga, some of them are moving to Manga Time Special. These include Kotori Kirihara’s Onii-chan to Yobanaide, Yukiko Nozawa’s HenshokuJoshi wa Koi de Onaka o Mitashitai, and Pome Kawaizumi’s Ano Hi no Umi to 16-Sai no Natsuyasumi. And as mentioned earlier, a few are ending their runs entirely. This includes Arashi Shindou’s Dairyou Girls and Juri Misaki’s Suzume Musume, as well as Mimi Kumano’s Monmon.

Meanwhile, other mangas are moving online, such as Karakemi’s Keisatsu no Onii-san. Kadokawa’s Comic Walker app will also be taking in a manga in Aya Tsutsumi’s Ninki Manga-ka ni Naru 15 no Houzoku.

Houbunsha launched Manga Time Jumbo back in 1995, with a few series getting anime adaptations like Re-Kan. However, it ain’t the only casualty, as the publisher’s other magazine, Manga Time Family, is also getting the axe. It will release its final issue on 17th March.

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source: Manga Time official