Kadokawa is giving Re:Zero’s popular demon maid a traditional Japanese makeover. For the anime Japane 2018 event, their booth will be accepting pre-orders for a traditionally made Japanese Ukiyo-e artwork featuring Rem herself. Of course, they are using traditional methods in producing these woodblock prints, so they won’t come cheap.

The TV anime’s character designer, Kyuta Sakai, provided the original design for this traditional woodblock print. Carver Kayoko Suga and print artist Kyōko Hirai then used traditional Ukiyo-e methods in creating the artwork. Both Suga and Hirai belong to the Japanese government’s association for selecting and preserving intangible cultural assets.

The method of printing these traditional pieces of art is quite labor-intensive, so they’re only making 100 of them. Each Ukiyo-e print requires getting printed 63 times to finally get the finished products’ colors and patterns. This particular Rem print uses 13 wooden printing blocks, and the artists spend several days making each one.

Each print will come with a price tag worth 50,000 yen, and they will begin accepting pre-orders during AnimeJapan 2018. The Kadokawa Store Booth will be handling these event pre-orders from 24th-25th May. Kadokawa will also be accepting online pre-orders from 26th March until 6th May. They will then release these art prints in June 2018.

Source: Animate Times