The 14th episode of Darling in the Franxx has certainly caused a huge fire storm among anime fans. Now, we won’t spoil anything about the episode, but Ichigo did a few things to anger fans. And fans were so angry that some of them went a bit too far. DARLING in the FRANXX animation producer Yuichi Fukushima recently sent out tweets talking about the episode. He was mostly congratulating the staff for a job well done and told fans to look forward to Episode 15:

However, it seems that fans had a very different opinion. A lot of fans replied angry comments to the tweets, and the worst ones included death threats. One threatened to kill the producer and his family, while another threatened to shoot him. There was even one reply which asked Fukushima to fire writer Hiroshi Seko or commit suicide for atonement. The angry tweets didn’t just come from Japan, but other parts of the world as well.

Meanwhile, more peaceful fans just tweeted their anger about the episode and directed it towards Ichigo’s character. They even created the #bitchigo hashtag on twitter. However, some tweets still went a bit too far.