After a long wait which has lasted for over a year, Kenichi Tachibana and Yuu Sasuga’s Terra Formars manga is returning. To be specific, Shueisha has announced that the manga returns inside Weekly Young Jump magazine combined 21st/22nd issue.

The manga went on hiatus back in March 2017. The combined issue’s release will be on 26th April 2018, which means the manga’s hiatus has lasted over a year and one month. It went on hiatus because the manga’s writer, Sasuga, was experiencing some health problems. But now, it seems that he’s on good health again and ready to resume the manga. Back in December, Weekly Young Jump reported that he is back in good health already. They also previously reported that the manga itself will be returning in April.

The manga has certainly gained much success in its run. Aside from successful TV anime and live-action film adaptations, the manga also received plenty of critical acclaim. And with its return coming up, expect fans to be excited to see the war against Martian giant cockroaches resume.

source: Comic Natalie