We’ve already seen actor Takayuki Yamada turn into Kenshiro for a Fast of the North Star video game CM. Now, it’s actor Hideaki Itou’s turn to don the reins of a live-action Kenshiro for a much different CM. This time, Kenshiro stars in a new CM for Rohto’s line of De Ou men’s body wash products.

Well, we’re honestly surprised that the commercial didn’t include an “Omae wa mou shindeiru!-Nani?!” sequence. But then again, the video’s title is “Omae wa mou niowanai”, and it promotes a bunch of Fist of the North Star body washes for men. It also features a body wash version of the Fist of the North Star anime OP, “Ai o Torimodose!!”

Called “Hokuto De Ou Ken,” the collaboration features De Ou men’s body wash products with Fist of the North Star characters, as well as a few quotes from them, in the containers.

Rohto also released several other videos for the collaboration, including a behind-the-scenes video: