Once upon a time, Japanese animation wasn’t as common as it was now. People used to treat them as treasures as Japan was still about to experience a huge boom in animation. But nowadays, people are much more critical about the anime they watch. From finding all its faults and then giving a series bad reviews on the internet, to just plain nitpicking, there are plenty of people who just “Hate Watch” anime. One mangaka, Yohsuken, explained this “Hate-Watching” trend in a new 4-koma manga:

In that 4-koma manga, it shows an anime “Hate-watcher” who looks for ways to bash it from the beginning of the episode all the way to the ending. However, in that final panel, he wondered something about the past which made him love anime. He said “I wonder if I can ever go back to how I was before, when I didn’t think about those kinds of things and just thought ‘This anime is fun and interesting.’”

For his part, Yohsuken also released a separate 4-koma manga regarding negative opinions. In that manga, it featured a character liking a film despite its negative reviews. “If your honest opinion is that a movie was good, don’t be so quick to let others, or even yourself, deny you that feeling,” the mangaka stated.

Sometimes, watching anime over and over again would be tiring. This particularly goes to people who watch up to twenty series every season. Watching so many anime could make viewers watch the same gags, the same storylines, the same tropes over and over again over the course of “different” series. The examples include people tiring of the usual (yet popular) moe blobs, generic shounen shows, and ecchi anime. But if one does find a series he does like, then don’t let negative reviews ruin that opinion, ok?

source: Sora News 24