Golden Kamuy has certainly proven that it’s one of this season’s hottest anime. Based on Satoru Noda’s multi-award-winning manga, the series has certainly got viewers at the edges of their seats. And now, Animate has announced that they will be running several exclusive stores which will be selling exclusive Golden Kamuy merchandise. Several Animate stores will be participating, and of course, one of them will be in Golden Kamuy’s setting, Hokkaido.

The shops will sell merchandise, as well as feature an exhibition space, game corner, and photo spots. And those who spend at least 1,000 yen on the promotion will get one of eight bromides at random.

They will launch the Golden Kamuy-only shop in Asirpa’s home island of Hokkaido from 2-10 June 2018. Fans can find it in the wilds of the city known as Sapporo. Meanwhile, other Animate Stores such as Osaka Nipponbashi and Shosen Grande in Tokyo will be featuring the exclusive stores from 16th-24th June. Finally, Aeon Mall-based Animate stores in  Kushiro, Hakodate, New Chitose Airport, and Asahikawa will be running their own support stores. This will happen from 2-24 June 2018.

And while they haven’t revealed the merchandise yet, better hope that there won’t be any Raw Squirrel Brains. Well, at least Asirpa loves them…