For a mangaka with no serialised series right now, Hiro Mashima has been very busy. And he’s not just working on one upcoming manga project, but three! He himself confirmed this on twitter as he said that he’s quite confused right now. The reason for his confusion is of course his three works. These are the additional Fairy Tail works, his upcoming new project, and a mysterious “Secret Project”. And yes, this is the first time he revealed that he’s working on the latter as well.

For his upcoming works, the mangaka mentioned in his tweet that “ideas emerge one after another”. And with three upcoming works that he’s planning, he may be bracing himself for a lot of sleepless nights.

However, he did not reveal anything about his “Secret Project”. However, teasing it via twitter only made fans even more excited to know what it’s about.

Mashima previously stated that his other new work would be a new series, and also confirmed it’s unrelated to his previous works, Fairy Tail and Rave Master. He also confirmed what Kodansha announced and that the new series will have its release on 27 June 2018.