Japanese dance duo fripSide will be releasing their latest single “divine criminal” on 16th May 2018! Composed of singer Yoshino Nanjo and keyboardist Satoshi Yaginuma, fripSide has shot to fame for their collaborations with animation titles such as “A Certain Scientific Rail Gun”, “A Certain Scientific Railgun S”, and many more.

“divine criminal” is no different, as it has been selected as the opening theme song of the TV anime “Dances with the Dragons”, which started airing in April of this year. “Dances with the Dragons” started out as a Japanese light novel series, written by Labo Asai and illustrated by Miyagi in the earlier volumes, and Zain in the newer ones.

“Dances with the Dragons” tells the story of Gayus and Gigini, who work as jushikiists, or individuals who are able to control dragon magic. Dragon magic was once the sole purvey of dragons, who used their special abilities to destroy their main enemies: humans. When humans in turn learned to control dragon magic, both sides came to a truce to prevent mass genocide on both sides of the war.

• Release Information

26 September 2018
CD + DVD: JPY 1,800
CD: JPY 1,200