After a successful run of 15 years, Japanese rock band, Aqua Timez, has announced they are breaking up. The band’s label, Sony Music, revealed the news via their official website. However, the announcement said that they won’t be breaking up immediately. This will happen only after they have finished all their scheduled activities for 2018.

Before breaking up, Aqua Timez will also be doing their final tour titled “Present is a Present tour 2018”. Their first stop will be Gifu this 12th May, and will have their last stop in Okinawa this 1st September.The band previously released their eighth album, “Nijuurasen no Masayume” last 25th April.

They formed the band back in 2003, and its current members are vocalist Futoshi, bassist OKP-STAR, guitarist Daisuke, keyboardist Mayuko, and drummer Tasshi. Aqua Timez also did anisongs as well. Together, they performed theme songs for series like Bleach, Naruto Shippuuden, Gintama, and Magi.