Suzuko Mimori will be releasing her fourth album “tone.” on 27th June 2018, and she has also announced that latest single from the album will be the track “Hiyoku no Tori”. “Hiyoku no Tori” is was created with the help of Japanese superband GLAY’s guitarist Hisashi. Check out the teaser video below!

Suzuki Mimori has been beloved by fans for her roles in “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” and “Love Live!”. She debuted as a singer in April 2013 with her single “Aitai yo… Aitai yo!”. Her previous singles include hits “Aitai yo… Aitai yo!”, “Yakusokushiteyo! Isshodayo!”, “Universality Page”, “Seīppai, Tsutaetai!”, “Light for Knight”, and “Xenotopia”.

• Release Information

27 June 2018
CD + DVD: JPY 4,500
CD: JPY 3,000