If driving a tank in battle has always been your dream, then hit anime “Girls & Panzer” is here to make that dream come true! “Girls & Panzer” will be organizing a tank battle exam in four cities in Japan on 4th November 2018! Tank captains from the four lucky cities participating in this exam: Ooarai, Mito, Tokyo, and Osaka, will be tested in two categories: beginner and intermediate.

© Girls und Panzer Projekt

The tank battle exam consist of questions covering the story, characters, locations, and tank models used in the “Girls & Panzer” series. Upon reaching a particular score, examinees will be issued certificates to prove their tank battle mettle.

Applications to take the exam may be done starting 10th May 2018 via the official tank battle examination website. Examination fees are pegged at JPY 4,500 and JPY 5,600 for the beginner and intermediate class, respectively. Alternatively, you can opt to take both exams for JPY 9,000 — because why not?! The last day for application is 27th September 2018.

If you’re lucky enough to pass though, please don’t use your certificate to try to drive an actual tank. Because reasons.