Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Girl line of plastic model figures has become one of the most popular PlaMo lines today. And now, they’re going big with two huge (literally) additions. These new additions are Gourai-Kai and Hresvelgr=Invert, and both will be coming in larger-than-usual boxes.

While the basic Frame Arms Girl figures which come with the kits are just the normal size, expect more weapons and accessories. The Hresvelgr=Invert comes with various weapons, as well as clear parts and a Jyuden Kun Append. She appeared in the TV anime’s final episode in the final battle with Gourai-Kai. Kotobukiya will be releasing the kit in June 2018 for 6,800 yen plus tax.

Meanwhile, Kotobukiya is releasing Gourai-Kai this month. She costs 9,000 yen and comes with several accessories which belong to the other Frame Arms Girls. These include weapon systems from Stylet and Baselard, as well as various MSG optional weapons systems. In the anime’s final episode, the other Frame Arms Girls gave Gourai their weapons in otder to defeat Hresvelgr=Invert. Of course, she also comes with Gourai’s original weapons as well.

Together, the boxart for these two kits combine to reveal and even bigger artwork. This features both Frame Arms Girls locked in a final battle, which of course happened in the anime’s final episode.