Nintendo — yes, THAT Nintendo, looks keen on opening up a project-based level designer position not just for locals, but for interested foreigners as well. A job listing for a “Legend of Zelda” Level Designer position has recently opened up on Nintendo’s website, with a very specific language clause, which appears to encourage Japanese-speaking foreigners send in an application as well.

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Planning, creation, revision, and implementation of game events, fields, and dungeons
Planning, creation, revision, and implementation of enemies


Experience and practical knowledge as a game planner for home console video games
Confidence in ability to communicate in Japanese on collaborative activities
Willing to relocate and be based in Kyoto for the length of the project

The initial contract period is three months, with the possibility of renewal while the project is still in development. Applicants will go through one round of examination and two rounds of interviews in their quest to bag the position. Pay will depend on experience and skill levels. You may send in an application directly to Nintendo. May the Triforce be with you!