Golden Kamuy is a survival anime which follows a treasure hunt for a lost Ainu Gold in the wilds of Hokkaido. The series has certainly highlighted the northern island’s beauty, and given its wilderness much exposure. Hokkaido also produces one of the best beer brands in Japan, Sapporo Beer. And now, the beer brand has teamed up with Golden Kamuy for a special Hokkaido-only design for their beer cans.

These Hokkaido-exclusive cans will feature Golden Kamuy’s main character Saichi Sugimoto. Each can will also contain the Classic Sapporo beer everyone knows and love.

Finally, the Sapporo Brewery will also launch a special campaign alongside Golden Kamuy as well. They will five away 150 packs of six regular Sapporo Classic cans and a set of two glasses to winners. Fans can use postcards from the collaboration packaging, but have to send them before the 1st October deadline.

As for the anime itself, the staff have now announced that it will be having its own OVA. It will come bundled with 5th compiled book volume of Satoru Noda’s award-winning manga. They will release this new OVA in DVD format, and will focus on the manga’s Barato arc. It will follow the conflict between legendary Shinsengumi member, Toshizou Hijikata and sniper Hyakunosuke Ogata. The manga volume itself will hit the shelves on 19th September, so better look forward to this extra story soon.

source: Comic Natalie