Mobile game “Ikemen Sengoku – Romances Across Time –” from the ‘Ikemen Series’ by mobile game-maker Cybird, Inc. recently celebrated its 3rd Anniversary since the game service commenced on 22 June 2015. To mark the memorable occasion, Cybird, Inc. announced a series of line-up collaborations with DMM Games to thank and reward fans for their support for the past three years.

First in the line-ups of collaborative celebratory activities is the porting of the game from mobile to PC browser version on DMM Games’ browsers. This way fans may enjoy playing the game on their mobile devices on the go, AND in the privacy of their homes via the PC browser version.

The PC browser version commenced service promptly on 25 June 2018 and may be accessed via the DMM Games server here. The browser version is region-locked for Japanese players only, however international fans/players need not fret: the game’s localised English edition is still available for download from Google Play or iOS App store.

The next collaborative is with the video streaming service of – from 25 June 2018 onwards, fans of the stage adaptation of the game may watch the full theatrical production of the second stage play “Ikemen Sengoku The Stage – Oda Forces versus the Pirates Arc –” via DMM’s video-on-demand archival streaming service/channel at the price of JPY 2,000 per view.

This theatrical adaptation was scripted and directed by Yosuke Miyagi; and focused on an original spin-off story based on one of the game’s minor characters Motonari Mouri – a rival warlord to Nobunaga Oda and his allied factions.

The final collaborative with DMM Games is, unfortunately, only applicable to fans who are residing in Japan. Cybird, Inc. has released a whole limited series of original character merchandise and goods for the 3rd Anniversary of “Ikemen Sengoku” – however they are only available as prizes for fans who participate in the online gacha/kuji (i.e. ‘luck-of-draw) activity through the specially set-up ‘DMM Scratch’ game campaign.

Each round of kuji draw will set the participant back by JPY 650; there is a total array of 55 items ranging from levels ‘A’ – ‘E’ to be won – including mini-cushions, pinbadges, acrylic charms and A4-size clear folders. The online kuji campaign will run from 25 June to 31 July 2018. Fans may access the campaign site here.

The ‘Ikemen Series’ of mobile games by Cybird, Inc. has enjoyed international popularity amongst (mostly) female fans across the globe. Their mobile games have been localised into English language so that non-Japanese fans may also immerse and enjoy themselves in the whimsical, fantasy make-believe worlds created in the dating-simulation game series.

In 2017, Cybird, Inc. has participated actively in events outside of Japan to promote their games – including Anime Expo in the United States and Anime Festival Asia in Singapore.