May’n will be making an exciting double tie-up single release this 8th August 2018! Titled “Tenshi yo Kokyo wo Kike/HOME”, the first track will be the opening theme of the anime “Lord of Vermilion“, while the second track “HOME” will be the ending theme of the anime “Phantom in the Twilight“.

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Lord of Vermilion is an arcade-based fantasy collectible card game by Think Garage and Square Enix. The story is centered on a vermilion stone that has the power to create worlds — which is sort of like the Reality Stone, but we digress. Six different races from six different worlds then sought the power of the stone, and you — as the protagonist and seventh lord, must battle them to become the “Lord of Vermilion”.

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“Phantom in the Twilight” is mobile game developer Happy Elements first foray into animation. The series is being co-roduced in Japan and China, and will being its broadcast run in July. The story centers around a Bayrou, an exchange student who recently moved to London, and stumbles upon the mysterious “Cafe Forbidden”. Upon meeting the handsome servers, who are also guardians of the real world, she gets embroiled in the battle between them and the shadow world.

• Release Information
Tenshi yo Kokyo wo Kike/HOME

27 June 2018
CD + DVD: JPY 2,000
CD: JPY 1,400