It looks like Japan’s #MeToo movement is slowly taking off as well. After a former idol group member who asked to remain anonymous sued Pixiv representative director Hiroyuki Nagata for sexual harassment, the latter finally resigned from his post. The official websites for both Pixiv and Movic, which he also serves as president, announced his resignation.

However, pixiv’s announcement didn’t state the lawsuit, but instead stated “difficulties” in Nagata’s part in fulfilling the role. But the message did acknowledge the lawsuit, as well as the controversy he’s currently going through. As for his replacement, both websites also announced who he is. This time, pixiv board member and MOVIC representative director Shingo Kunieda is replacing the embattled Nagata.

Nagata allegedly sexually harassed a former member of the idol group, Niji No Conquistador, who in turn sued him. He apparently did this multiple times over the past few years.

Nagata himself has admitted to a few of the former idol group member’s accusations, but also denied a few of them. In turn, the former pixiv representative sued her, as well as her lawyer, for libel. The idol, who the media nicknamed as “A-san,” also brought her suit to pixiv, Dear Stage, and pixiv’s parent company Animate. In turn, the companies plan to settle the claims regardless if they’re true or not. Oral proceedings for the suit already began yesterday, 7th June.

The former Niji No Conquistador idol also added that his actions have left her shaken, and this made her lose focus on her college admission exams. She was so shaken that she vomited when Nagata texted her via LINE to wish her luck on her exams. And because of her vomiting, she wasn’t able to go to the testing center. Her weight also significantly dropped because of it. She also admitted that the burgeoning #metoo movement in the west, where powerful men are facing sexual harassment charges, inspired her to go against the powerful companies.

source: IT Media