The announcements for the upcoming C3 AFA Jakarta 2018 are out — and everyone is super excited to go! But what about the folks who are worried about their budgets? Worry no more as the event has placed a huge discount and created special ticketing tiers to help fans on a budget!

ICE too far? No problem!

If the change in venue throws a spanner in your budget, that’s no problem as the new, more affordable tickets make sure that you have enough room in your budget to spend on the commute to ICE! So whether it’s by public transport, car sharing service, or motorcycle taxi, you’re sure to make it to the venue with your merchandise budget intact!

Avoid the crowds and go on Friday!


Did you know that tickets to the Exhibition on Friday are cheaper than the rest of the weekend? If you dislike huge crowds and like to do your figure shopping in relative peace, you can do so — and get some savings! — if you purchase tickets for Friday. Who knows, you may enjoy it so much, you’ll pick up tickets for the rest of the weekend too!

Score special deals at the event cafes!


C3 AFA Jakarta 2018 offers a lot of tie-up deals with local Indonesian banks, especially the more youth-orientated ones! If you use your new or existing debit cards at selected merchandise booths and event cafes, you can score special deals on some of their most popular items!

Grab your favourite artiste goods!


Did you know that official artiste merchandise are being sold at C3 AFA Jakarta at lower prices than in their native Japan?! That’s because the artistes would like their local fans to enjoy the same goods as their Japanese fans, but at lower prices to accommodate the difference in currency.

Enjoy special event-only merchandise!

The event features a number of exclusive merchandise sold nowhere else, at special prices — so make sure you take advantage of this, especially now that the event has affordable, multiple ticket tiers. Pro-tip: there’s even bundle promotions for the top-tier tickets, so you don’t have to eat Indomie for an entire month!

• Event Information
C3 AFA Jakarta

31 August – 2 September 2018
Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
Official Website
Official Ticketing via Loket