The new moe anime about four high schoolers who are also mangaka, Comic Girls, also does a weekly livestream via NicoNico. However, this week, Kaos’s seiyuu, Hikaru Akao, missed the livestream. Her costars revealed that she accidentally injured herself, therefore missing the livestream.

It seems that the seiyuu newcomer fell in an accident, and because of this, she broke her arm. But don’t worry folks, because Kaos-sensei’s seiyuu will be returning to do events again soon. According to her agency, Im Enterprise, she will be returning for the anime’s home video release event. However, they will also be making a few changes because of her injury.

Hikaru Akao is still a newcomer, though she has already voiced plenty of anime and video game characters. Kaoruko “Kaos-sensei” Moeta is one of her first lead roles in anime, but she has also voiced Sword Oratoria’s Lulune Louie.

We here at Wow Japan wish her a speedy recovery from her injury.