Toradora stands as one of the most popular romance anime of the 2000’s. It also introduced us to one of the greatest tsundere characters in anime, Taiga. And now, as the anime celebrates its 10th anniversary, the staff will be releasing a complete blu-ray box set for the anime.

The collection will include a total of seven discs, with the sixth disc featuring the anime’s OVA. Meanwhile, the 7th disc will also feature the Toradora’s “Best Album” soundtrack.

The Blu-ray box collection will hit the shelves on 24 October 2018, and will cost 18,500 yen plus tax. Several stores selling the set will also be giving away extra freebies. However, what freebie the buyer will get depends on which store he or she buys the box set.

As for the anime’s 10th anniversary, the staff revealed a special logo featuring the Palm-top Tiger. Of course, this is Taiga’s moniker, given her small size and ferocity.