Popular daytime drama “Half, Blue.“, which is currently airing but is scheduled to end by September 2018, tell sthe struggles of young manga artist Suzume Nireno. The fictional manga she worked on, titled “Bloom in a Moment” (Isshun ni Sake), will get an actual launch on girls comic anthology Hana to Yume. The script for “Bloom in a Moment” will be handled by “Half, Blue.” drama series screenwriter Eriko Kitagawa, and the art will be done by Momota Nakahara.


“Half, Blue. (Hanbun, Aoi.) is a Japanese television drama series on NHK. It tells the story of Suzume Nireno and Ritsu Hagio, who were born on the same day in a small town in Gifu Prefecture. They grow up together and become close friends. After high school, they move to Tokyo separately — Ritsu to attend university, and Suzume to fulfill her dreams of becoming a shoujo manga artist. After a lot of trials and tribulations, they both end up back in Gifu, with Suzumo now a failed artist and a single mother.