During E3, Sony revealed that Monster Hunter World is collaborating with Final Fantasy XIV. And now, they have finally revealed a few more details about this team-up. They revealed these new details in a brand new video:

For Monster Hunter: World, one of Final Fantasy’s most iconic monsters is coming! That’s right folks, the Behemoth is finally coming to Monster Hunter World. Players can also transform their own characters in order to look like Dragoons. Finally, they will be introducing new equipment to make your Palico partner look like a Moogle!

Final Fantasy’s Cactuars will also be appearing in the game. Hunters can use them as environmental traps. Capcom will be adding these new features in the game’s upcoming 1st August 2018 update. As for Final Fantasy XIV, they previously revealed that the game will be adding Palicos and the Rathalos.

source: Monster Hunter World Official