Seiyuu Yuri Yamaoka has been a very prolific seiyuu when it comes to Kyoto Animation’s works. She appeared in multiple KyoAni series, from Tamako Market to Sound! Euphonium. But now, she has started playing the role as a wife in real life, as she announces her marriage via twitter.

She describes her husband as someone who’s not in the entertainment industry. She then thanked her fans and asked for their continued support.

Yamaoka voiced several KyoAni characters throughout her career. These include Tamako Market as Choi Mochimazzui, Beyond the Boundary as Ai Shindō, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! -Heart Throb- as Cento, and the Sound! Euphonium franchise as Yuko Yoshikawa. Her most notable non-KyoAni work is as Erika Yano in Shirobako.

Congratulations Yuri Yamaoka!