It looks like the war with giant Martian cockroaches continues as Weekly Young Jump magazine has announced a new Terra Formars OVA. According to the magazine’s announcement, this new OVA will be coming in a bundle alongside the manga’s Volume 22.

The manga magazine also revealed that the new anime will be in DVD format. As for its story, the announcement teased of a “a chance of victory ” during the fighting on the artificial island. Shueusha will be releasing the Volume 22 on 9th November, along with this new OVA.

The manga got its first anime adaptation back in 2014 with a TV anime adapting the Annex 1 arc. It then got a Terra Formars: Revenge sequel TV anime in 2016, and then a few more OVAs a bit later. The series also got a live-action adaptation in 2016 as well.

The manga follows humanity’s war against giant mutated cockroaches in Mars. However, to fight these bugs, several humans needed to get special surgery…

Sources: Weekly Youbg Jump #31 and Amazon Japan