Many consider Saburouta’s Citrus to be one of the greatest manga titles in the yuri genre. However, the September edition of Comic Yuri Hime magazine has announced that it will be ending soon. The manga is currently in its climax, and has been heading towards the finale for a few months now.

According to the announcement, the magazine’s October 2018 issue will be where the finale takes place. It will hit the shelves in Japan on 18 August 2018, marking the end of the popular yuri manga. The series also received a popular anime adaptation last January.

Citrus follows polar opposites, Mei and Yuzu. While Yuzu is an outgoing gyaru focuses on fashion and love life, Mei is a serious and strict student council president. However, everything changes when their parents marry each other, finding themselves each others step-sisters. And things get even more complicated when the serious Mei suddenly kisses Yuzu.

Source: Comic Yuri Hime September 2018 issue