Japanese movie website, Eiga.com, has updated their weekly box office rankings for the weekend, which featured several notable debuts. Of course, these include Gintama 2, The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky and Penguin Highway.

Gintama 2 started off its campaign at the box office very well, as the film debuted at #1 in the Japanese box office. 215,903 tickets for 279,910,100 yen on the first day of screening alone, and another  190,682 tickets for 260,606,100 yen on Saturday, the second day of screening. Finally, it capped the weekend with 194,210 tickets sold for 267,002,200 yen last Sunday.

Meanwhile, The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie screened across 271 theaters in Japan. For its debut weekend, it sold sold 169,000 tickets and earned 196 million yen putting it 5th in the rankings. Meanwhile, The Incredibles 2 took third place in the rankings, while Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible film took fourth place.

Finally, Mamoru Hosoda’s new Mirai of the Future film fell from #6 to #9, while Studio Colorido’s penguin highway film opened at #10 in the rankings. As for My Hero Academia the Movie: Two heroes, it completely fell out of the Top 10 for this week.