As we all know by now, Gintama has a tendency to make fun of other franchises. Particularly, the series loves to make fun of other Shonen Jump titles like Naruto, One Piece, and others. And for the franchise’s live-action version, they’re making fun of Dragon Ball. Specifically, the 2nd film’s web series spin-off is poking fun at Goku, Krillin (who dies again), and Frieza for a new trailer.

Aside from the obvious Dragon Ball parody, the new trailer also teases the show’s previously-announced guest star, Maetel. They also tease her companion, Tetsurou from the Leiji Matsumoto classic, Galaxy Express 999 as well.Β Mizuki Yamamoto plays Maetel, while actor Yiima Yamoto plays Tetsurou.

As for the web show, the film’s director, Yuuichi Fukuda, is also directing it.Β It will premiere on 18th August via Docomo’s dTV streaming service. It will have three episodes and feature several characters from the sequel film, which itself premieres on 17th August. This includes Shun Oguri as Gintoki Sakata, Kanna Hashimoto as Kagura, Kankurou Nakamura as Isao Kondou, Yuuya Yagira as Toushirou Hijikata, and Ryou Yoshizawa as Sougo Okita.