The combat anime, Baki, is certainly one of the hottest anime right now on Netflix. He’s taken on a lot of foes, but he may have bitten off more than he could chew for his next match-up. This is because he’s taking on The Predator for a special crossover collaboration.

The two will engage in a battle over in twitter to decide who is stronger. However, it will be more of a popularity contest rather than a scientific comparison as fans get to vote on who they think will win. Fans must retweet designated tweets in order to choose who would win the fight. So yeah, having a crazy-strong guy with no weapons take on a powerful alien hunter with technologically-advance weapons will be decided via retweets.

However, those participating in the poll will also get prizes. These include signed copies of the Baki manga, as well as T-shirts, masks, key chains, and all sorts of other merchandise. Voting has now officially kicked off in Japan.

source: Comic Natalie